Wishing all a happy new year. And some updates, of course.

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I haven’t been actively pursuing the hobby lately due to work and life commitments, but I have recently bought a box of loota/burna boyz, and kitbashed parts of my now defunct kommandos (putting the sneaky gitz on hiatus for a while), and came up with 8 Lootas and 7 Burna Boyz. It’s more Deffskull this way.

I’m also going to get the Orky end of an AoBR box in a couple of weeks, so I’ve got more conversions!

In the meantime, I have been working on these guys:

Kans with Kustom Mega-Blastas and CCWs. They’ve got long ways to go, but this is generally where I wish to go with them.

In sadder news, I’ve lost all my paints, and it’d be a while before I can stock back up on them.

That’s all from me this year. Hope the ushering of the new year goes well for everyone, and see you next year!


White Skullz

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Most people I have played with know I have the old school bikes. So I decided to treat myself to a box of new bikes.

Introducing, Kommanda Grimgob, boss o’ da White Skullz

‘is Leftenant Gornutz:

‘is Uvva Leftenant Gobsmash


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A smashing tourney set up by our local gaming club Legio. Can’t wait for it to get started!

Mekking vehicles…

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I’ve gone and redone my Nutmek and done made him bigger, since he should be nob-sized afterall. I don’t have pictures of him yet.

In the meantime though…

I’ve been tinkering around with a toy trukk, and came up with this:

The trukk’s almost done before it goes for painting. I’m trying something for the tires and the engine…

I’ve also started back a long forgotten project:

Mek at work…

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It’s been sometime. Morshak’s been at the shop tinkering…

Morshak Nutmek looked out the window of his mek shop, as thoughtfully as a chief mekboy could be. “Da Mega Armour projekt fer da Boss has all gone ta bitz” he said to himself, loud enough for his grot oilers to hear. They took that as a warning sign to back off. Boss Sekun Anda would not be pleased with his failure. The Plundaboyz had failed to get him ‘da worky bitz’ that he thought he needed to get the project going.

He turned around and looked at the mek shop that had been his pride and joy. His beady red eyes locked onto the grabbin’ klaw he used to hoist the mega armour. “If only der wuz a way ta work fasta and more kunnin’!”. The Mek Shop is more than adequate a place to work, but Morshak had to divide time between play (‘tinkerin’ wif gubbinz’) and play (‘watchin da umies do da burny dance’), and the mega armour project was delayed as a result. “Hrmm…” Morshak scratched his wide chin as he looked more intently at the grabbin’ klaw. “Wot if I brought da tinkerin’ to da burny dance?”.

Morshak Nutmek spent the next hour working on his new project.

I previously said that there felt like something was missing from Morshak Nutmek. I realize it must have been good taste. So I decided to start back from scratch, but didn’t know where to go until after I got my Battlewagon kit. After chucking the Grabbin’ Klaw aside as something I wouldn’t use at all for the Wagon, I decided that Morshak would find use for it. And he has.

Front shot
I took out the back of the Big Mek (Nutmek from now on) and both arms. I GSed the Mek apron and hammer. I glued on shoulder pads and the Grabbin Klaw to a burna tank. I drilled a hole in the burna bit so that I could switch between burna and power klaw

Right Side shot
I stuck on the grabbin’ klaw controller arm, and glued on a burna piping and wire to connect it to the burna tank

Back Shot
I wanted the KFF to be a module, so I drilled some holes and added copper wires for strength. The KFF used to be the burna Nutmek used (in the before pic). The ball and dish were reused.

Back Shot without KFF
Like I said, modular. I hope to be able to make other wargear to replace the KFF, but since I have a SAG Mek already, it’s not a priority.

Left Side shot
The Wrench, from the Loota/Burna sprue. In the top left is a small tank connected to the burna. You can never have too much squig oil!

Mug Shot
I wanted to make a mug like the Big Mek in the Ork Codex. I don’t have GS skills, so I cut off the goggles (and half a face) of a burna boy head and swapped with the mek’s googly eyes

Power Klaw Shot
Here’s the Power Klaw replacement.

Morshak Nutmek

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The chief Big Mek of the Plundaboyz. He’s in charge of bashing up mega armours, killa kans, deff dreads, and uvver werky know-wots. He’s also my very first conversion, yet I think there’s something missing…

Morshak Nutmek

Grimbag Dakkamek

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Probably the most converted model to date. I didn’t really want to pay for a cookie-cutter Shock Attack Gun (SAG) Big Mek, even though it’s a swell model. So I decided to scratchbuild a SAG. Therein I learnt my first lesson in conversions: Always PlanĀ On Paper. I had a basic plan in my head, and that was to add some whirly bits here and there. I didn’t put it on paper, so the outcome wasn’t really what I hadĀ imagined. I literally took bits and pieces out of my bitz box and went with the flow. I think it looks good and killy, but it needs fine-tuning.

Grimbag Dakkamek

planning to add an ammo runt on base to anchor him, as the gun is rather heavy for his plastic body.