Wishing all a happy new year. And some updates, of course.

I haven’t been actively pursuing the hobby lately due to work and life commitments, but I have recently bought a box of loota/burna boyz, and kitbashed parts of my now defunct kommandos (putting the sneaky gitz on hiatus for a while), and came up with 8 Lootas and 7 Burna Boyz. It’s more Deffskull this way.

I’m also going to get the Orky end of an AoBR box in a couple of weeks, so I’ve got more conversions!

In the meantime, I have been working on these guys:

Kans with Kustom Mega-Blastas and CCWs. They’ve got long ways to go, but this is generally where I wish to go with them.

In sadder news, I’ve lost all my paints, and it’d be a while before I can stock back up on them.

That’s all from me this year. Hope the ushering of the new year goes well for everyone, and see you next year!


2 Responses to “Wishing all a happy new year. And some updates, of course.”

  1. Nice scratch builds bro!

  2. Thanks. Not too fond of them though. I think the legs need major overhaul.

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